Computational Chemist/Biophysicist
      (ref. no. 2019.01.0012)

      Captor Therapeutics Inc has an open position of a computational chemist/biophysicist. We are looking for a motivated theoretician interested and experienced in computer-aided drug discovery.


      Main responsibilities:


      • structure- and ligand-based drug modelling
      • conducting molecular dynamics simulations of relevant biological systems
      • implementing extended molecular sampling methods for conformational space search
      • virtual high throughput screening of molecular databases
      • lead optimization for further ligand refinement




      • PhD in computational chemistry, computational biophysics or bioinformatics with minimum 3 years of experience in academia or industry




      • expertise in molecular modelling techniques, such as molecular dynamics simulations, Monte Carlo methods, ligand-protein docking methods;
      • professional level of knowledge in molecular biology and biochemistry/biophysics
      • experience in application of various statistical methods to evaluate properties of studied biological systems
      • ability to learn and implement new modelling techniques
      • good communication skills and aptitude for teamwork and collaboration with experimentalists
      • attention to detail and critical thinking capabilities
      • knowledge in bioinformatics is a plus
      • skills in python and bash or any other programming/scripting language is a plus
      • comprehension of statistical physics and mathematical apparatus is a plus


      Candidates are asked to submit their applications (CV and a motivation letter in English).


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